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LED trade show lights for trade show displays, jewelry display & craft shows

SHOW OFF LIGHTING offers American made, professional, powerful, and sun balanced LED trade show lighting for all trade show displays. When considering trade show booth ideas of critical importance is LED lighting for your trade show displays. Most trade show venues have banned trade show lights that draw excessive power & produce extreme heat such as holgen & metal halide. Our Las Vegas approved LED trade show lights  are low heat & set up in minutes without tools for a bright and attractive look that will draw customers to your trade show displays from across the room. All aluminum, adjustable & easy to transport & store Show Off Lighting will significantly reduce your setup time. Our customers tell us all the time that using our trade show lights have increased their sales up to 30%. Shop in our store and see for yourself how Show Off Lighting can save you time, money and help you increase your sales.

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Quick Setup, Low Heat LED, No Transformers, All Aluminum, Power Efficient, American made, Lightweight, Durable

Powerful, Portable, Professional Trade Show Lights

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 Show Off Lighting trade show light bars with 8w COB LED sun balanced warm and cool bulbs. Available in all aluminum 6ft and 8ft lengths that separate for easy transport & storage. Our patent pending powered head stands for these light bars make setup easy. Available with table top stands or floor stands. Our high end jewelry dealers love these!!

Show Off Lighting adjustable COB LED super clamp light that attaches to almost any flat or round surface with durable clamp that opens up to 2" diameter. Our super clamp lights are available in 7200 lumens 60w or 10900 lumens 90w. Our new product sold out in Tucson this year!!

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BEST SELLING Show Off Lighting COB LED popup table display lights with durable base plate & clamp. Self cooling fan and 60 degree beam angle that covers an 8ft table with bright sun balanced light. Comes in 60w or 90w & the telescopic pole extends 5ft from the table top. Available in table top or floor stand model. These sell as fast as we build them so order yours today!!

Show Off Lighting 16w COB LED arm clamp light has a 45 degree beam angle and is 4000k and 1450 Lumens for beautiful illumination. Comes with a durable clamp that opens to 2" in diameter for easy attachment. This is our newest addition to Show Off Lighting.

Show Off Lighting COB LED pipe and drape lights attaches in a snap to any pole or pipe and drape trade show displays. A typical 20ft booth would require (5) of these and they daisy chain together for a clean sleek professional look. 60w or 90w COB LED for bright sun balanced lighting that only takes minutes to setup. These were a big hit at the TGMS show & GJX show in Tucson this year!!

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LED lighting for trade show displays used at TGMS Tucson Gem & Mineral Show for jewelry display, mineral display

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Our high quality LED lighting will bring your trade show displays to life with maximum impact by illuminating each display case with color balanced, high lumens, bright light, drawing minimal current with low heat. Make your diamond jewelry blinding with fire and your colored gemstones pop with bright, accurate color with Show Off Lighting. We offer COB LED E27 bulbs to upgrade your track lighting as well. 



Trade show booth displays - Craft fairs - Art shows - Outdoor festivals

Using SHOW OFF LIGHTING at craft shows, art shows and outdoor festivals (under a tent - avoid water) is easy with a battery and inverter. Keep your trade show displays open after dark at your outdoor craft fairs, craft shows, art shows and jewelry shows. The Charles Cecil Collection sets up at outdoor craft fairs, craft shows and art shows inside a tent. Before using our LED lighting when the sun went down their ability to sell went down along with it but since using the Show Off Lighting trade show lights they extended their selling hours after dark & increased their sales volume.     

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