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Show Off Lighting is a HUGE hit at the prestigious Tucson Gem & Mineral Show each year. TGMS has established one of the finest gem & mineral shows on the planet and Show Off Lighting is honored to have many clients at this premier jewelry trade show. Each trade show booth using our beautiful LED jewelry lighting is flooded with stunning, natural and sun balanced lighting. Show Off Lighting renders a breathtaking display for diamonds, natural colored gemstones, jewelry displays and mineral collections. It only takes a matter of a few minutes to setup an entire booth with Show Off Lighting.

We are an American Company located in Denver, North Carolina. Our portable, powerful and professional looking jewelry & mineral display lighting is geared toward trade show services, trade show booth vendors & convention center showcase displays but it can be used wherever bright, beautiful and sun balanced display lighting is needed. The applications for this patent pending, affordable LED display lighting are endless. If you want to update the lighting in your booth our LED display lighting is perfect for jewelry lighting, mineral specimen display lighting, convention show booth lighting, collection display lighting, art show lighting, craft show lighting, trade show services lighting, trade show tent lighting, gallery lighting or showroom lighting consider Show Off Lighting.

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Show Off Lighting LED jewelry lighting

Our trade show lighting can be configured in a variety of ways giving you sun balanced lighting where you need it. 

Show Off Lighting Features:

High Quality Lighting 

Bright LED  

Beautiful Color Rendering 

Low Heat

Fast Setup

Easy transport & Storage

Energy Efficient 

No More Booth Power Outages 

Durable Aluminum Lightweight


Show Off Lighting provides both a way for your overhead display lighting to improve the appearance of your trade show vendor booth and the product you are trying to sell. Look your best with our LED trade show lighting and attract more visitors to your booth. So many of our customers have to us that their sales have increased up to 30%. Your presentation relates directly to your sales volume and that is a fact. Some gem show booth vendors are using scalding hot office table lamps, others sagging kitchen track lighting and you will also find blinding spot lights being used. Look at the difference Show Off Lighting makes in the presentation of the booths shown on this page. Lighting is a critical part of your presentation and you never get a second chance to make a first impression especially in a room full of other trade show vendors as competition.

Jewelry lighting for trade show booths at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show

Show Off Lighting LED jewelry display lighting at the TGMS show

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One of the largest booths at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show is 80ft and they use our Show Off Lighting LED Light Bars. They use them because our lighting is very easy to use and setup and it makes makes their diamond jewelry sparkle like nobody has ever seen. Our LED trade show lighting never sags due to its rigid, powder coated, aluminum construction. The patented powered heads have two clips allowing each head to support two light bars in either a straight line or corner configuration. Each head is mounted on a machined aluminum stand that is available in a table top stand or floor stand. Other vendors at the TGMS use our 60w LED Pop Up Telescopic Pole Lights or our 90w LED Adjustable Head Telescopic Pole Lights and they both mount in a minute to almost any table. Our bright 60w & 90w LED Pipe and Drape Lights will be seen as this and many other Tucson gem & mineral shows. When you are walking around the Tucson shows notice the incredible amount of vendors using Show Off Lighting.

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The image above shows two custom jewelry display vendor booths next to another at the TGMS Tucson Gem & Mineral Show using Show Off Lighting. We offer special show pricing for the TGMS Club Show vendors so come see us at the Tucson 22nd St. Show in booth C6. The main room at TGMS is filled for the most part with incredible mineral specimen collections from all over the world & the Annex is where you find the fine jewelry. We encourage you to stop and talk to vendors using Show Off Lighting or come see us at the 22ND St. Show in booth C6. The 22ND St. Show is THE MOST ATTENDED gem, jewelry & fossil show in the country with over 50,000 visitors. To learn more about the Tucson 22ND St. Show please visit or come see us at the Tucson 22ND St. Show the most progressive Gem & Mineral Show in Tucson.

The best trade show lights for jewelry lighting at the Tucson gem shows

Beautiful jewelry lighting by Show Off Lighting LED trade show lighting



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The TGMS Tucson Gem & Mineral Society presents a most spectacular Gem & Mineral Show in Tucson. It is known internationally as "one of the place to go" when seeking rare gemstones, white or colored diamonds, collections of mineral specimens, breathtaking jewelry and lapidary arts. This show is open to the public and should be one of the Gem & Mineral Shows at the top of everyone's list. The TGMS Show started it all in Tucson with their exquisite jewelry & mineral exhibits that to this day are unparalleled. To learn more about the Tucson Gem & Mineral Society, the largest, oldest & most prestigious gem & mineral show in the world, please visit To see or purchase SHOW OFF LIGHTING during the Tucson gem show come to  booth C6 at the Tucson 22nd St. Show. Visit HTTPS://SHOWOFFLIGHTING.COM/STORE/.