All Aluminum constructed and made in the USA. Show off Lighting is designed for trade show lighting, jewelry lighting, art show lighting and anywhere that display lighting is needed. Most of our customers have told us they experience up to a 30% increase in sales using Show Off trade show booth. 

Trade Show Lighting Fixtures

Clean sleek attractive trade show fixtures with accurate true sun balanced lighting and low heat production. Light weight - assembles in minutes with no tools - saves 50% or more on power consumption - integrated power cords - powder coated rigid aluminum construction - patented pin locking system allows a 6ft. light bar to store into a 3ft. container for easy transport & storage - durable - presents your merchandise in stunning light with interchangeable LED and halogen bulbs.

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Showoff lighting is a unique solution to an age old problem for trade show lighting. Professional trade show lighting solutions that are made in the USA. Assembles quickly, easily and conveniently! Our Trade Show Lighting is designed by a vendor, for vendors! When it comes to easy transport and storage SHOW OFF LIGHTING is at the top of the list for trade show lighting products. The patented locking pin system allows the light bar to breakdown to half its length. Setup your trade show lighting in minutes with our low heat, bright and powerful LED lighting.  

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Show Off Lighting is a game changer for your trade show displays. Make your trade show booth come alive with sun balanced, bright LED lighting that will draw customers to your booth. Dazzle your customers with light that makes your colors pop and your displays leap out. Don't blend in with everyone else, set yourself apart and become a beacon for business!! The proper trade show lighting can catch the attention of a potential customer from across the room and you become their focus. Show Off Lighting has proven over and over again that our LED trade show lights can help to increase your sales. See for yourself why everyone is throwing away their outdated hot metal halide and halogen lighting and using Show Off LED lighting instead.


The problem with metal halide and halogen trade show lights is that they produce mostly heat with poor quality light. The heat to light ratio is important as you want trade show lights that focus on producing brilliant light not heat. LED lighting produces high quality lighting and spends little energy producing heat. These facts matter because in a room full of competitors you need to look your best in order to stand out. Let us help you look your best and put you on the path to success.

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